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For £10,000 to be available in up to 30 days

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Bank or
Building Society
Account NameInterest
Access To
Investment (£)
Norwich and Peterborough Building SocietyNetmaster Golder Saver II 5.10No Notice - Spain/Gib only?1
Portman Channel IslandsInternational Reserve Account 5.0015 Days Notice10,000
Britannia InternationalOffshore 18 Bonus (for children) 4.854 Immediate withdrawals/yr5,000
First Active Bank Channel IslandsOffshore Base Rate Linked 30 Day Notice Account 4.7530 Days Notice10,000
First Active Bank Channel IslandsOffshore 30 Day Notice Account 4.7030 Days Notice10,000
First Active Bank Channel IslandsOffshore Demand Account 4.60No Notice10,000
Northern Rock GuernseyOffshore Tracker Online Account 4.60No Notice5,000
Alliance Leicester InternationalOffshore Base Rate Tracker Account 4.505 withdrawals/yr5,000
Bank of Scotland InternationalInstant Access Savings Account 4.50No Notice5,000
Britannia InternationalBase Rate Saver Account 4.505 Immediate withdrawals/yr10,000
First Active Bank Channel IslandsOffshore Demand Base Rate Saver Account 4.50No Notice10,000
Derbyshire Isle of ManBase Rate Tracker Account 4.40No Notice5,000
Britannia International30 Day Notice Account 4.1530 Days Notice10,000
Cheltenham and GloucesterGuernsey 30 Account 4.1030 Days Notice5,000
Nationwide InternationalInstant Access Account 4.10No Notice1,000
Bradford and Bingley InternationalNotice 30 Account 4.05030 Days Notice10,000
Cheshire GuernseyInternational Access Account 4.05No Notice10,000
Yorkshire GuernseyGlobal Access Account 4.05No Notice10,000
Skipton GuernseyInternational Thirty Account 3.9530 Days Notice10,000
Bristol & WestSterling 30 Day Access Account 3.7530 Days Notice5,000
Skipton GuernseyInternational Access Account 3.75No Notice10,000
Derbyshire Isle of ManMonthly Income Account (Monthly Interest) 3.6528 Days Notice10,000
Woolwich GuernseySterling Account 3.65No Notice10,000
Singer & Friedlander2 Weeks Fixed Term Deposit 3.562502 Weeks Fixed10,000
Abbey InternationalNotice 30 Account 3.5030 Days Notice10,000
Bradford and Bingley InternationalSterling Access 3.500No Notice10,000
Northern Rock GuernseyOffshore Base Rate Tracker Account 3.5030 Days Notice10,000
Royal Bank of Scotland InternationalInstant Saving Tracker Account 3.50No Notice10,000
Singer & Friedlander1 Week Fixed Term Deposit 3.500001 Week10,000
Abbey InternationalOffshore Call Account 3.25No Notice10,000
Dexia BankSavings Plus Account 3.25No Notice-14 currencies70
Derbyshire Isle of ManInstant Access Account 3.00No Notice10,000
ING LuxembourgCompte Verte 3No Notice-8 currencies ?Min Inv0
HSBC International30 Days Notice Account 2.9700030 Days Notice10,000
Cheltenham and GloucesterGuernsey Gold Account 2.95No Notice5,000
Natwest InternationalAdvantage Account 2.75No Notice10,000
Norwich and Peterborough Building SocietyInstant Reserve Savings Account 2.75No Notice - Spain/Gib only?10,000
Barclays Private Clients InternationalInternational Tracker Savings Account 2.706 penalty free withdrawals/yr10,000
Britannia InternationalEasy Access Account 2.60No Notice10,000
Portman Channel IslandsOffshore Access Account 2.50No Notice5,000
Lloyds TSB OffshoreWWS Gold Savings Account 2.06No Notice10,000
Standard CharteredInternational Access Account 2.0575Current Account-14 currencies10,000
Lloyds TSB OffshoreWWS 30 Day Account 2.0030 Days Notice (xcept cashcard)10,000
Singer & FriedlanderCall Deposit Account 1.25000No Notice10,000

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