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Building Societies may appear an homogenous group, smaller and less sophisticated than banks. However the data below, derived from that collated by the Building Societies Association, demonstrates their wide range in size - the Nationwide having assets some 2,000 times greater than those of the Penrith Building Society!

Since we last looked a couple of years ago the sector has continued to shrink - from 47 to 44 Societies. Unlike our previous view, this time all three Societies lost were amongst the 5 smallest.

Some Societies, notably Nottingham, Saffron, Monmouthshire, Stafford Railway and Ecology seem to have increased their asset base proportionately most since our last review.


While illustrating the wide variety of scale of institutions within this group, the data of course offers no indication of the risk of saving with a particular institution.


Building Societies registered by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) should provide depositor protection under the FSCS scheme

Assets - rounded
Assets - rounded
1Nationwide229,000   23Melton Mowbray450
2Coventry44,000   24Market Harborough420
3Yorkshire42,000   25Scottish420
4Skipton22,000   26Hanley Economic400
5Leeds19,500   27Dudley400
6Principality9,600   28Mansfield The370
7West Bromwich5,600   29Tipton & Coseley360
8Nottingham4,000   30Harpenden310
9Newcastle3,800   31Bath Investment310
10Cumberland2,500   32Manchester290
11The Family2,000   33Vernon300
12Progressive1,800   34Loughborough300
13Cambridge1.200   35Swansea280
14Newbury1,100   36Teachers275
15Monmouthshire1,060   37Stafford Railway260
16Leek United1,040   38Buckinghamshire240
17Saffron1,020   39Chorley & District230
18Furness900   40Beverley190
19Hinckley & Rugby700   41Ecology The180
20Ipswich650   42Earl Shilton140
21Darlington590   43Penrith110

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